Virtual Events for Those Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

You’d Be Surprised How Many Seniors Enjoy Mo’Brickz Activities

Engaging Activities for Your Loved Ones

We provide a fun and engaging activity with no pressure. Through music and play your senior will enjoy a 45-minute session of building something themselves, with their own hands. This provides joy and well-being for your loved one.

How it works:

Why do we use LEGO® bricks and products?

The LEGO Group of Companies produces amazing products that are safe, long lasting, and can be cleaned easily. Most important of all, LEGO encourages creativity.

Playing with LEGO forces you to think differently by putting together the pieces. It requires critical thinking and yet attracts you with color and design. The large blocks are great for those who have trouble with arthritis, vision and depth perception. The colors and pieces will draw in your loved ones, while the building and designs keep them entertained. When putting together a puzzle, which works the brain to find the right pieces, there is only one way to build a puzzle. Compare this with only 6-2×4 LEGO bricks where you can make over 915 million combinations. And you can use the same set over and over again, to build something completely different. There is no right or wrong when it comes to LEGO. No pressure. You and your loved ones simply put pieces together and become pleasantly surprised when a new connection is made.

The joy of building something out of a few pieces brings delight to everyone, but especially to someone who may be forgetting how to do simple tasks. Playing with LEGO is not threatening, there is no competition, there is only fun. It is the perfect medium to use with your loved one. The only challenge with LEGO both with young and old is encouragement. Someone to be there, to encourage you to try something new. That is where we come in. Our team of LEGO instructors are here to provide you and your loved ones with inspiration, reassurance and praise! Contact us today.

Brighten Your Senior's Day With Fun And Engaging Activities


Designing your own art makes everyone feel young again. Relaxing and engaging activities for all ages and conditions.

Motor Skills

Working with blocks is one of the best ways for our seniors to build confidence that helps them everyday.


Colors. Shapes. Creativity. These things help our seniors brains' light up, not to mention their faces!


Weekly sessions provide something to look forward to. An activity that is just for your loved one.

Looking for activities to stimulate your seniors? Depending on your senior’s level of activity, we can create a program perfect for them. LEGO® colors stimulate. Its innate system of play inspires everyone, even those challenged with all levels of dementia and/or dexterity to build, explore and be creative.

Let's Make A Special Time For Your Seniors And Bring A Smile To Their Face

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