What Is Mo'Brickz?

The Mission of Mo'Brickz is

To Encourage and Inspire Creativity through courage, grit and a growth mindset

My name is Patty Sherin and a few years ago my whole world was changed by LEGO®.  Building, creativity, and creating order with blocks can really help us grow and be happy. I serve businesses, children, adults, and seniors with personalized and thoughtful LEGO® activities.

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Michelle Dragony

Chief Buzz Officer, Coastside Buzz

Patty's LEGO® and Libations event is such a fun and creative event. I went with four friends to a LEGO® and Libations event at A Grape in the Fog in Pacifica and we all had a blast. Great date night idea!

Sarah Michaelis


My son Hudson loves your class and he speaks very enthusiastically about it to us at home. Thank you from my husband and me for investing your valuable time in our son and for all you do for these little ones 🙂


Michele Husak

vAcademy after school enrichment program, Vallemar School, Pacifica, CA

Patty Sherin, owner of Mosaics and Brickz, lead an after-school Intro to LEGO® class for our vAcademy program at Vallemar Elementary school in the Pacifica School District, during the winter period of the 2017 school year. Patty came well prepared with her LEGO® kits, free play LEGO® bricks and lesson plans. She creates a safe environment for students to explore and develop their creativity. In this capacity, she was compassionate, reliable and encouraging. It is evident that Patty has a love for helping students cultivate their imagination  and the feedback from the students has been fantastic. This has been a very popular class and we will be offering it again for the Spring 2018 semester. Additionally, Patty is extremely reliable and always on time, which is critical in an after school program. I would highly recommend her services and would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the program.