What Is Mo'Brickz?

The Mission of Mo'Brickz is

To Help Seniors Living with Alzheimer's and Dementia Smile and Reconnect with the World

My name is Patty Sherin and a few years ago my whole world was changed by LEGO® bricks and elements. Building, creativity, and creating with these bricks can really help us grow and be happy. We serve seniors, businesses, children, and adults with personalized and thoughtful LEGO® activities.

Why Mo'Brickz?

News and Community

Nov 27 2019

Are Seniors too Old to Play?

That’s a really good point. And if you brought the idea of “playtime” to a meeting, you might get laughed at or worse yet fired! Unless you had some darn good reasons that everybody would ...

Oct 31 2019

What Residents Do When You Put LEGOⓇ Bricks in Front of Them

This is super interesting and fascinating because you don’t know what’s going to happen. First, off one of 2 things happen. Either they grab bricks and start building or they don’t know what to think. ...

Oct 25 2019

Why I Love Seniors Living in Memory Care Communities

Hey there, I’m Patty Sherin, I founded Mo’Brickz and I wanted to tell you why I love seniors living with dementia. Seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia are amazing. They are smart, kind, funny, and ...

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