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Creative Events That Build Connections

When you put LEGO® bricks into people’s hands, it transports them to a world of imagination. A world where they can create, feel and imagine. A place that is full of possibilities. Our professional artists will host your events by magically teleporting your team to the world of creativity.

We Do Three Types of Events

Team Building

Looking for ways to reconnect with your team who's working from home?

Chill & Build

Looking for fun events for your team or department?

Senior Building

Looking for an engaging activity for your loved one living with dementia?


My COVID-19 Story

So…COVID-19 is Happening! Mo’Brickz was incorporated in 2017 and for the past 3 years we had been building and growing. We were finally poised to …

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Are Seniors too Old to Play?

That’s a really good point. And if you brought the idea of “playtime” to a meeting, you might get laughed at or worse yet fired! …

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What Residents Do When You Put LEGOⓇ Bricks in Front of Them

This is super interesting and fascinating because you don’t know what’s going to happen. First, off one of 2 things happen. Either they grab bricks …

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Happy Clients

Check out this week's 6-Brick Challenge for a fun, quick activity!