Chill and Build Events

We know you can’t go out and grab a drink with the team right now, so here’s something fun and engaging you can do together.
Here’s a Chill and Build event. Penn Mutual invited us in for an employee appreciation event. They ordered food and each person got to choose from a few different sets. The team is talking and laughing and following the instructions we created for them. And they ended up building beautiful hearts, coasters and keychain holders like these.

How it works:

Why do we use LEGO® products?

We use LEGO® bricks and elements because building with LEGO products is amazing! Being chill and creative with your friends and colleagues is a new and exciting way to hang out. There is something relaxing when you build with LEGO instructions. It does not require critical thinking, but you come away with a cool piece that is fun to display.

Contact us today to set up your next build, or learn about the sets we have available. Come back often, new sets are released every month.


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