My COVID-19 Story

So…COVID-19 is Happening!

Mo’Brickz was incorporated in 2017 and for the past 3 years we had been building and growing. We were finally poised to make a profit in 2020 and then COVID-19 happened! Everything came crashing down. Up until this point Mo’Brickz was focusing on group activities, both with kids and seniors. But due to COVID-19 schools are closed and senior centers have eliminated all group activities. We understood these decisions.  And our clients’ health and safety is our number one concern! 

Of course, keeping our clients healthy and safe impacted Mo’Brickz’ business which disappeared overnight. I will admit that personally, I was very sad and depressed because I had spent every waking moment building a business I was proud of. So many people had lost their jobs and their loved ones during this pandemic. My aunt contracted COVID-19 after recovering from hip surgery and died alone in a rehab center. I was hurting, but I quickly realized I was not alone. After a month of feeling sorry for myself, I started reaching out to my family, friends and clients and found everyone was suffering. Everyone was hurting. Even those who were living quite comfortably financially were hurting from the uncertainty of COVID and the protests and unrest going on all over the world. I had to get out of my funk and help encourage as many as I could. I wanted to let everyone know they are not alone; and we are all in this together.

Fortunately for Mo’Brickz, there were those who reached out, asking if we would consider virtual activities. Of course, we said yes!  We called all our LEGO friends and asked them to team up and offer fun and exciting events.

Together, we are now offering team building and chill and build virtual sessions for corporate clients and small businesses who are looking to reconnect with their stay-at-home workforce. We are also working with seniors living with Dementia. We weren’t sure if someone with Dementia would be able to focus on a virtual zoom meeting but found as long as someone is attending with the Dementia patient in person, we can engage and enjoy a great time together. In fact, we found that this is a great way for family to do something fun with their loved ones!

If you need to engage with your loved one living with Dementia, please check out our senior’s page here.

If you are looking for a way to engage with your team who are working from home, check out our team building page here or our chill and build page here.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is the importance of keeping in touch and connected with those we love. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning how we can encourage your team or loved one. 

Please be safe, wash your hands and when you cannot socially distance wear a face-covering We are all in this together! 

Thank you for reading our story and please contact us today!

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