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Case Study - Alice

This case study shows how Mo’Brickz Senior Play provides an engaging activity for memory care clients.

Alice is a resident at Cedar Lane, a Memory Care Facility in Montara, CA. She suffers from advanced symptoms of Dementia. As a result, with a smile on her face, her vocabulary is limited to saying “Thank You”. She is the sweetest of ladies. When I first started working with her I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to build so I gave her a Duplo horse which she loved and caused her face to light up!

On another visit, the employees of the community were having a staff meeting and one of the nurses had her two young daughters with her. I asked them to join us. One of them was less than 3 years old at the time. She is still in diapers and had a limited vocabulary due to her young age. She immediately took to Alice and instinctively, on her own started pulling out minifigures and giving them to Alice. Alice would line them up and start counting, one, two, three. The little girl would give her another minifigure, Alice would line it up, start from the beginning, and count them all, one, two, three, four. They got up to 16 when we ran out of minifigures so I gave them a Duplo duck. The little girl gave it to Alice and Alice said, “Not the same”.

For Alice to say more than “Thank You” is significant because she suffers from advanced symptoms of Dementia. Her vocabulary and attention are very limited, everyone was thrilled to watch her count, say, “not the same” and be engaged in the activity.

When I began Senior Play, a program to bring LEGO® Duplo to Seniors, especially to those who suffer from brain related issues, I wasn’t sure if it would work. I knew that I played with LEGO as a child, but anyone older than 70 did not necessary play with LEGO or ever build with LEGO even when their children were young. Working with the seniors at Cedar Lane Care has shown us that it doesn’t matter how old you are, LEGO is a great median due to its color and possibilities. Every week I bring in a new kit to build and a lot of minifigures that engage the seniors, no matter their ability.

Are your seniors not engaging in activities anymore? Try Mo’Brickz Senior Play, a new and creative activity that engages seniors with LEGO® Duplo. Shoot me a quick email at: Just tell me about your situation and I’ll consider buying you a $200 trial of this program. 

— Patty

Engaging Activities for Memory Care Clients

Senior Play Session

Group Programs: Every week or month I bring in a new LEGO® Duplo kit for up to 10 Seniors to build and engage with no matter their ability. (I can include more than 10 Seniors in this if I get some extra help from your staff).

Private Sessions: Every week for an hour I give one senior my full, undivided, and personalized attention. I’ll bring all the supplies and we may even create a sophisticated long-term project together.

Monthly Engagement Highlight Email

A neat little email with pictures and my observations on 1-3 of your seniors and their creations. This is a super fun email to forward to the families of the Seniors I highlight. Because, it reminds them that you are taking good care of their parents/grandparents.

Opportunity for Friends or Family to Visit

Sometimes family or friends don’t visit because they don’t have anything to do with their senior family or friend. This gives family and friends something creative to do with their senior. An experience like that is priceless.

Access to “The LEGO Bonding Experience"

Family and friends are invited to come and build together in a customized activity. Ex: We bring materials to build a picture frame with your senior, during which we take a picture of you together and print it. At the end you have a special picture to slip into that frame they just made. This is a beautiful experience together that family/friends and the senior get to hold on to for years.

Weekly Group Program

  • Once a Week Group Senior Play Session
  • Opportunity for Friends or Family to Visit
  • After first 2 months, gain access to "The LEGO Bonding Experience"
  • Monthly Engagement Highlight Email

Monthly Group Program

  • Once a Month Group Senior Play Session
  • Opportunity for Friends or Family to Visit
  • After first 6 months, gain access to "The LEGO Bonding Experience"

Private Sessions

  • Once a Week 1-on-1 Senior Play Session
  • Opportunity for Friends or Family to Visit
  • $25 Off Weekly or Monthly Programs per Signup
  • Monthly Engagement Highlight Email

Looking for activities to engage your seniors? Depending on your senior’s level of activity, we can create a program perfect for them. LEGO® colors stimulate. Its innate system of play inspires everyone, even those challenged with all levels of dementia and/or dexterity to build, explore and be creative.

Encourage Your Seniors to Play and Engage

Mo'Brickz in the Community

LEGO® Morning at San Carlos Elms

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