How an Activity Can Give Staff Time to Catch Up on Things

Oh my goodness, the people who work at memory care communities, are amazing. They are generous, they are kind, and they’re truly doing this out of service for others. It doesn’t matter if they work in the Admin office or the Kitchen. They are all just super super nice people.

And, that’s amazing, because it’s not easy being a staff member at a memory care community. Sometimes families give you a hard time and other times you lose someone who felt like family to you.

What’s really hard to find though, is time.

Kathleen (Director of Activities) told me “I love what I do, but I wish I had more time”.

And that’s exactly why she hired me to do play sessions with her seniors, because activities give her staff TIME to catch up on things.

Kathleen was skeptical of LEGO activities at first. But she likes that its new for the seniors and they get to create something from nothing.

And her team aren’t the only people who enjoy the break…

Just the other week (at a play session in a difference community) I had staff building LEGOs at my table, and they were grateful just to have a few minutes break from all the stuff they had to do.

If you work in a memory care community, THANK YOU!. You are doing a beautiful thing for our elderly.

If I can help you and your seniors have a little more joy and a little more time, then I’ll have done my job 😉

-Patty Sherin

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