6-Brick Challenge

Things are looking up!

This week’s #6BrickChallenge is to take six 2×4 bricks and build:

something you see in the SKY

6-Brick Challenge Rules

1. Find Six 2×4 LEGO® bricks in any color. They could be the same color or different colors. Your choice.

2. Share your creation on Instagram with hashtag #6BrickChallenge and tag @mobrickz to be highlighted on our page

Submission Deadline: Sundays at 10am Pacific Time

We believe that you need creativity and imagination to live your best life.

When you put LEGO® bricks into people’s hands, it transports them to this world of creativity and imagination. A world where they can create, feel and imagine. A place that is full of possibilities.

- The Mo’Brickz Team

The 6-Brick Challenge is a creative thinking exercise.

The 6-Brick Challenge can be used whenever you are stuck or not sure how to solve a problem or challenge. I like to keep 6 Bricks on my desk for this specific reason. This technique is using your creativity to work out unique solutions to any problem.

How It Works

Share with us how the 6-Brick Challenge helped you solve a problem! @mobrickz